The 5 All Time Favorite Card Games

Perhaps, no other game is so popular through the generations, as the deck of 52 cards. These cards play a significant role in bringing the family together for a while. With a mix of some new and some very popular ones, here is the list of the top 5 family card games that will engage you positively through the long hours of fun.

  1. Go Fish:

The chances are that the parents and grandparents may have played this game half their lives for sure, when they were young. This is a simple game, yet thoroughly interesting. The aim is to collect the set of 4 cards. You may either ask the player next to you for the set of cards, if you suspect he has those. In return, you will give what he asks for. If not there, you “Go Fish” from the top of the deck and the game continue to the next player. All the sets of 4 are subsequently laid on the table, and the one running out of cards becomes the winner.

  1. Memory Game:

This simple game tests the concentration and the memory skills. It can be played with 2 players or more. All the cards are flipped back and laid on the table. The aim is to get the pair by flipping two cards in a row. Memorizing which card was flipped earlier can help the player in pairing up easily. The one with the maximum number of pairs win.

Card Games

  1. Crazy Eights:

This is another luck and logic testing game. It can be played amongst up to 4 players. Five cards are dealt amongst the players and the rest of the cards are put face down in a bundle. The dealer flips the first on the top of the deck and the game continues. The first player needs to match this card, either by suit or by number. If he has one, he drops that or takes another from the deck. ‘8’ acts as the wildcard and the player can change the suit with an 8. The one to get rid of all the cards first wins the game.

  1. Lie Detector:

Bluff as much as you can dare, in this game. It can be played amongst up to 4 players. Seven cards are dealt in a sequence and the rest are kept face down in the center. The first player needs to lay down the matching cards facing down and announce those. The next player needs to lay down either the higher rank or the dummy cards, or he may draw few from the pile. He announces as well which may be a bluff. Any of the players can challenge this and say ‘Lie Detector’, and if proved wrong, the player gets to keep all the cards. The one out of the cards is the winner.

  1. Animals:

Be quick to win this game which is kids’ favorite. Each player announces an animal and turn one card at a time from their piles in sequence. As soon as the two cards match, the two players need to shout each other’s animal 3 times. They get to keep the pile of the played cards as well. The one with the most cards at hand is the winner.

These traditional age old games are sure to make your family get together a memorable one.

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