Games and Apps that Encourage Kids to get Physical

Kids should be healthy mentally as well as physically. Doctors say that a person should exercise at least one hour in a day, but people think it to be a tough task. The problem is generation gap; there is a difference in children of the old generation and new generation.

Times Have Changed

In the old time, kids use to play physical games. They spent most of their time in playing with their friends. But now a day, kids have access to the internet, mobile phones or any other technology they do not bother to go outside with the friend to play physical games. They prefer online games which affect their physical health severely. Kids are using technology before their teen or tween age. Due to an advancement of technology, children use to perform every possible activity on technology which may result in childhood obesity. Obesity can lead to being a very dangerous disease.

In America, research shows that more than one-third of children are above an ideal weight because they use technology too much. Not only physically technology also has the unfortunate effect on mental health.

Games and Apps that Encourage Kids

Incorporating Technology into Physical Activity

The parents think that technology is the only reason that their children are getting fat, their physical activities are dead. Technology is not the only reason or problem, but the parents do not know how to cheer up their child to play physical games.

There are hundreds of games that can help your child to be physical, so you do no need to worry if your child plays online games while sitting on the sofa. You should develop his interest in those games that are also good for physical health. Here are some games:

Trainer: This game has digital creatures, and the player is responsible for its diet and health. The player has to exercise along with that creature for his physical health. They have to do many actions rather than only clicking a button.

Motion Maze: In this games kids have to walk, run along with the maze. They have to move as quickly as they can which is excellent for losing weight. It makes your child flexible.

Kids Yoga Journey: This app guides your child about the yoga positions, which makes him healthy.

Zamzee: This app tracks your child activities; he may earn points of his every moment. He may climb a tree which gives him more points; in short this game will let your child be healthy. It’s a little USB goes into your child’s shoe and track him.

FitQuest: In this game player has to jump, walk, run along with the squirrel which makes them physically fit.

Move like Me: Player has to copy the movement of the characters in the game. With time number of characters increase and player has to remind the sequence.

Easter Egg & Spoon Race: Players take an egg and a spoon; they may play it alone or with the friend. They have to run with their friend.

So technology can help your child to be physically healthy.

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