Betting on League of Legends

One of our favorite online games and Riot’s baby, League of Legends, has gotten so popular in the eSports scene that it became of great interest among gamblers. Now, you might be thinking: how can a game this complex and dynamic be learned to improve my betting statistics and, of course, my outcome? The answer is pretty simple.

We compiled a simple list for this guide, so be sure to take every factor into account. Let’s begin:

Watch the Streams

Do you have a bad time getting the right information for your League of Legends bet? If a stream of a tournament is announced on a social media platform, then jump on it. Streamed matches are perfect even for those new to the game. You can learn from professional eSports teams how to start a game, how to play it and how to end it.

Of course, you can also learn what you shouldn’t do and master the art of taking risks. Some teams prefer taking risks and getting a huge reward out of it, while others say on the safe side.

Betting on League of Legends

Watch Your Favorite Player

Professional players usually upload videos of their matches. At the same time, they can offer explanations for their techniques or methods of playing. Keep an eye on those videos.

Play the Game

The best way to learn about this game is by playing it. Start with the tutorial, play a couple of matches versus the AI, play against others players or your friends. However, the best lessons are learned in ranked mode, where players or teams get ranked based on the matches won or lost.

Understand All the Terminology

The terminology can differ from game to game. Meta, jungle, ADC, tank, gank, Baron, drag, mid, bottom, top, SS, quit this game noob and much more are just some of the terms used in this game. They will help you understand how a game unfolds and can give you an idea of how a team plays.

Understand the Game Style of Every Team

If you want to bet on most of the tournament matches, you will need to learn the tactics used by all the teams that are participating. Some like to rush, some like to gank, while others have a more defensive style. Some teams prefer to choose champions that are a more mid-game based but fall short at late game.

Other teams prefer to keep it safe and start playing at the late game. It all depends on the champions selected and their game style. Some champions counter others, and some teams may be overall better than others. You should know all these statistics to understand the odds of your bet.

Meta Is Important

For most eSports game, meta is something that most gamblers don’t think about. Meta is a sort of unofficial rule of how a game is played. A classic one is one tank top, a jungler, a caster mid, a support and adc bottom. The meta can change with time.

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