The Best Online Games For Free

The purpose of the article is to guide the readers select the best free online games suitable for various ages.

With a swarm of browser based games available at present, it is hard to select the best ones which are better than the others. Here is the list of a few of such online games for free, never ever requiring any subscription charge at any point of time.

  1. FIFA Online:

FIFA Online

Those aware of FIFA must be already aware of how magnificent this game is. Those unaware must get to know this highly loved game which is simply amazing. With EA Sports as the Developer, it is as good as playing the actual sports on the console.

  1. Atomic Puzzle:

Developed by Sigma Studio, this is a puzzle game with a relaxing tune at the background. No time constraint lets you solve the puzzle in your own time, and you will surprisingly find the soothing effect that the combination of online atoms and the slow music has on you. The aim is simple; match the atoms to collide them, so that they disappear.

  1. Continuity:

It is a very unique puzzle game which has the sliding bars zoom in and zoom out. The stickman finds his way out of the puzzle to move on to the next level. It is hard to elaborate the game in words, but is sure to indulge the player in a deep thinking and a prompt play.

  1. Red Remover:

Red Remover

Developed by Gaz, this game is very simple and straightforward. There are a few green and red boxes. The red ones are to be clicked to have them disappear and the green ones are to be saved from falling down. The boxes appear lively with the smiling faces. However, this simple game gets trickier at the higher levels.

  1. Upgrade Complete:

Fully backed by its name, the entire game along with the various pieces on the screen looks crappy till it is upgraded. The up gradation requires the player to collect the gold and the game continues to appear better. It is a highly recommended game to all the ages.

  1. Bubble Tanks 2:

Bubble Tanks 2

This game is quite interesting and unlike the other war games. It starts with a small bubble ship which kills the enemy bubble tanks. This makes the player’s bubble ship stronger and capable to shoot bigger bubbles, and the game moves on. The variety of ships adds on to the fun and makes the game livid.

  1. Sonny 2:

Armor Games is the developer of this highly adventurous combat game.  The player acts as the zombie whose aim is to abuse and destroy the humans. There are various power packages throughout the game, and the combat styles differ in each stage.

  1. Hobo Wars:

Hobo Wars

This text based game is full of entertainment, where the strategy and battle with the equivalents play a major role. This is highly engaging and makes a good use of the statistics.

  1. Continuum:

This is another strategy building game where the squad is made powerful with the various battles on the way, and the members’ capabilities are adjustable.

  1. Desktop TD:

Desktop TD

With simple graphics, this game appeals the player with its little creeps which scream after every explosion and cheer when they reach the destination. The word for the game is ‘cute’.

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