The Top Casino Games

This write-up mentions the list of the top Casino Games played across the nation, based on their popularity. Varying widely in nature and aiming at boosting the players to participate with a never ending zeal, these Casino games have been well liked by most of the Casino goers.



Almost every visitor arriving at the Casino makes it a ritual to strike off Bingo from their lists of games. This is a highly popular game, which is believed to keep the players on their verge of patience. Each player is dealt a card which is 5*5 Matrix, and strikes out the numbers announced publicly. As soon as one finishes the specific pattern of 5 numbers, one calls out ‘BINGO’. The card is then verified and the winner is awarded.

Wheel of Fortune:

Wheel of Fortune

This game encourages the betting which is purely based on luck and the spin. The game table consists of 6 symbols, and the players have their bet on one of those. The spinning wheel divides itself in 52 sections, and the symbol on which the wheel’s pointer stops gets to be the winner. There may have been multiple bets on the winning symbol. The reward is proportionately divided amongst the winners in the ratio they placed their bets.



None of the Casinos start their day without this extremely popular card game. There are different variations in which the game is played and the rules followed. The very high level of classification is into 3 categories- Stud, Draw and Community Card games, which are played in individual manners. However, the players rely extensively on the rounds of Poker to try luck on the fortune. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most favourably played Poker game at present in the whole of America.



It is a lottery game, but unlike the other lottery announcement systems, there is a machine which decides the win or loss. Each player gets a card with the numbers 1 through 80, and he selects 20 numbers on which he plays the bet. The card is then registered and 20 numbers are randomly called out. The player needs to match the numbers as those appear on his cards. More are the number of matches, more are the winnings. It is a craze amongst the youngsters, and the odds in favour of winning are high compared to the other lottery games.



This is probably one game where there are too many opportunities for a bet. The table consists of 37 numbers ranging through 0 to 36, and has an additional ‘00’ for the bet. Other forms of betting are at different points of the game related to high or low, and even middle. There also are the bets over the various columns. The dealer signals the end of bets and spins the wheel. Once done, he throws the ball, and the slot in which the ball rests wins. All the bets on that slot get to be the winner.

All these games are highly engaging and the hope of getting a grab on the fortune makes them timeless. Anyway, before going to a real casino, try to play for fun online.

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